Breakthrough: Media Moments That Changed The World - George Orwell's '1984'

Jack Murray of tells George about the significance of Orwell's great novel.

This weeks moment focuses on the moment of triumph; the moment of deliverance of a rough manuscript to publishers despite battles with major illness, fatherhood, and a near death experience.

In late 1945/early 1946, George Orwell began writing The Last Man in Europe, published as 1984.

Having achieved world wide success after the publication of Animal Farm, Orwell was a sought after writer.

He was living in a society rocked by world wars, and throughout his life witnessed many horrors and social injustices from his travel and work as a policeman in Burma.

Orwell was writing for many various publications when he began writing 1984. He was struggling to stay motivated, and a long dark winter in England’s capital did not allow for inspiration.

Orwell struggled in the years following the death of his wife, when his close friend David Astor offered him a lifeline. This came in the shape of Barnhill, a farmhouse on the small island of Jura off the Scottish west coast.

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