Boris Johnson: Why do all the lefties love the right-wing EU?

The public face of the 'out' campaign says 'in' supporters are hysterical

Boris Johnson: Why do all the lefties love the right-wing EU?

Stefan Rousseau / PA

Borris Johnson has taken to The Telegraph to reflect on his experiences since the UK decided to leave the EU.

This has included groups gathering outside his house in protest, he describes individuals shouting expletives at him, and chanting, "EU – we love you."

He describes the protesters as "Corbynistas; Lefties; people who might go on a march to stop a war," and wonders why "trendy socialists" are "demonstrating in favour of an unelected supranational bureaucracy."

The former London mayor comments that the EU used to be considered the enemy by socialists and that Jeremy Corbyn himself used to vote against its policies. He wonders whether they have overlooked the protectionist policies of the EU which hurt 'developing' countries:

"I tried to think which of the EU’s signature policies they were so keen on. Surely not the agricultural subsidies that make up most of the budget, and that have done so much to retard development in the Third World. They can’t – for heaven’s sake – support the peak tariffs that discriminate against value added goods from Sub-Saharan Africa.

"They can’t really be defending the waste, the fraud – or the endless expensive caravan of crémant-swilling members of the European Parliament between Brussels and Luxembourg and Strasbourg. Are they really demonstrating in favour of the torrent of red tape that has done so much to hold back growth in the EU?" he writes.

Mr Boris likens the "hysteria" sweeping the UK since the referendum result to that experienced after the death of Princess Diana: "There is, among a section of the population, a kind of hysteria, a contagious mourning of the kind that I remember in 1997 after the death of the Princess of Wales."

He concludes with a five-point plan to lead the UK through its exit from the EU (which only actually has four points) :

  1. There is no risk whatever to the status of the EU nationals now resident and welcome in the UK, and indeed immigration will continue – but in a way that is controlled, thereby neutralising the extremists.
  2. It is overwhelmingly in the economic interests of the other EU countries to do a free-trade deal, with zero tariffs and quotas, while we extricate ourselves from the EU law-making system.
  3. We can do free-trade deals with economies around the world, many of which are already applying.
  4. We can supply leadership in Europe on security and other matters, but at an intergovernmental level.
  5. The future is very bright indeed.