"Bogus" – Ryanair rejects claims over the number of complaints it gets

EUclaim had placed it just behind Easyjet in its 'most complained-about airline' list

"Bogus" – Ryanair rejects claims over the number of complaints it gets

The new Boeing 737 MAX 200 | Image: Ryanair

Low-fares airline Ryanair has hit out at the findings of EUclaim which placed it in the runners-up spot on its list of most-complained about airlines.

The flight compensation company found that easyJet had the most delays and cancellations so far in 2016.

The company stated that it was processing 5,641 claims against it this year, with Ryanair-related claims coming in at 4,781.

EUclaim's Adeline Noorderhaven said:

"They’re not being provided with information, nor with re-routing at the earliest opportunity, and that’s causing frustration and the large amount of complaints we’re getting."

However, Ryanair has rejected the figures as "bogus" and attacked EUclaim as "ambulance chasers".

In a statement, Ryanair said:

“We do not believe any statements made by ambulance chasers like EUclaim, who charge excessive fees for the non-existent service they claim to provide, and whose 'internal data' is totally unsubstantiated.

“Given that Ryanair carried over 55m customers in the first half of 2016 even these bogus figures (Ryanair received just over 500 claims from this company which is an average of 1 for every 110,000 passengers carried) show just how satisfied Ryanair’s customers have been.”