Best of the box: National Treasure & Gogglebox Ireland

Tom Dunne and Sue Murphy bring you the best of the box for the week ahead…

Not quite sure of what the best picks of the box are for this week? Or will you regret that you didn't record something when all of a sudden it's the talk of the town?

Fear not, the Tom Dunne Show has you covered.

Sue Murphy joined Tom to pick out the best of the box for the week ahead. You can find a link to the full podcast at the bottom of the page.


Picks of the week

National Treasure, Tuesday, Channel 4, 9pm

Robbie Coltrane stars as Paul Finchley, a comedian once cherished by the British public - but his career isn't what it once was. Things really take a turn for the worst when a detective shows up on his door with news that a woman has made a rape allegation dating back to the 1990's. Based on real life events and stars surrounding Operation Yewtree. 


Conviction - Murder at the Station, Wednesday, BBC2, 9pm 

This documentary follows the work of the Inside Justice charity, who investigate miscarriages of justice. We follow Louise Shorter, head of the charity as she explores the circumstances surrounding the prosecution of Roger Kearney for the murder of his lover Paula Poolton in 2010. Unline Making a Murder though, the programme finds a solid conclusion.


Keith Richards Lost Weekend, Friday, BBC4, from 7pm

Keith takes control of BBC 4  from 7pm through the night all weekend with a specially curated selection of his favourite on-screen works, including The Sorcerers; Hitchcock's  The 39 Steps; and Julien Temple's documentary - Keith Richards - The Origin Of The Species.


Gogglebox Ireland, Thursday, TV3, 9.30pm

Comedian Deirdre O’Kane narrates the first edition of Gogglebox Ireland, which watches a group of gal pals from Cabra, a pair of Polish friends and a family from Athy, watching and commenting on a selection of TV shows..



Film of the week


High Noon, Tuesday, Film4, 11am

Starring Gary Cooper as Hadleyville marshal Will Kane, and Grace Kelly as his new wife Amy in this classic western. Before they make it off on their honeymoon, he discovers that a gang are due into town at 12.00 to rescue their leader from the prison cell. When he can't find any deputies to help him out with the situation, he decides to take them on himself.


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