Best of The Right Hook: The Election Klaxon sounds, the Seanad is still in session, and winning the Lottery isn't always what it's cracked up to be

Some of the best interviews from the Right Hook today

The Right Hook consisted of the usual mix of news, comment and opinion today and we've put some of the best interviews together in one location for you.

George was broadcasting live from Cork today, and sounded the Election Klaxon for the country.

Newstalk's Political Editor Shane Coleman tells George why General Election 2016 is going to be exciting.

Senator Ivana Bacik tells us about Scandinavia's attitude to migrants, while also telling us why the Seanad is still going while the Dáil is dissolved.

Marc Westlake, Managing Director of Portfolio Metrix Ireland tells us why winning the Lotto might not be the best thing in the world.

And expedition leader and explorer Paul Rose tells us about Henry Worsley's journey, and why it was so worthwhile.

You can listen back to all of the interviews here: