Best of The Right Hook: Gardai on peanuts, Maynooth professor calls Denmark's 'Jewellery Bill' appalling, and apparently, we're going to work way past retirement age

Some of the best interviews from the Right Hook today

The Right Hook consisted of quite a mix of topics today and we've put some of the best interviews together in one location for you.

Today, George was broadcasting from his beloved Cork, and can't believe the low wages some of our gardai are on.  He received an email from one young guard, and reacted to it with GRA Vice President Ciaran O'Neill.

George is also convinced that the liberal Scandinavians' stance on refugees should make us take notice.  John O'Brennan, Professor of European Politics at Maynooth University disagrees.

He's also joined by Dr Chris Luke, A&E Consultant at University College Hospital, Cork to talk about the dangers of synthetic drugs and hallucinogens.

And George finds out just how many people are likely to work past retirement age.

You can listen back to all of the interviews here: