Best Of The Right Hook: We need unstable government, the 'Lord Mayor' is outdated and Brain Awareness Week

Some of the best interviews from the Right Hook today

The Right Hook consisted of the usual mix of news, comment and opinion today and we've put some of the best interviews together in one location for you.

George and Vincent Browne were as pleasant as ever to each other, as they debated the need for stable government.

Sabina Brennan, Director of the NEIL Dementia Research Programme fills George in on Brain Awareness Week.

Professor of American Studies at the University of Notre Dame Bob Schmuhl, believes the Primary system in the US is flawed, and is why Donald Trump is succeeding in his quest for the Republican nomination.

George discusses the merits of the title of 'Lord Mayor' with Independent Councillor for Dublin City Council, Mannix Flynn.

You can listen back to all of the interviews here: