Belfast trial: Blane McIlroy denies claim he walked into bedroom completely naked

Mr McIlory is giving evidence in defence of an allegation he exposed himself to a woman

Belfast trial: Blane McIlroy denies claim he walked into bedroom completely naked

Blane McIlroy arrives at Belfast Crown Court. Picture by: Niall Carson/PA Wire/PA Images

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A man has denied delivering the “wrong lines” in a cover-up to protect his friends Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding from an allegation of rape.

The Ireland and Ulster rugby players both deny raping the 19-year-old student at an afters party in Jackson’s south Belfast home in June 2016.

The woman claims Blane McIlroy, from Royal Lodge Road, walked into Paddy Jackson’s bedroom after she’d been raped by Mr Jackson and Stuart Olding

She told the court during her evidence a few weeks ago that he was completely naked and asked her why she wouldn’t have sex with him too as she left the room.

He denies her version of events, and told the jury today he was fully dressed when he walked in.

He said he started kissing the girl when he went over to the bed, and she showed no reluctance.

He said she put her hand inside his boxer shorts, and he also claims performed oral sex on him.

He denied trying to block her exit as she left the room.

He described a text sent to some friends later that day as “stupid and idiotic” and he said he wasn't proud of it when he read it back.

He said the woman wasn't in hysterics when she left the house, and he denied a suggestion that he and his friends concocted a lying account of what happened.


Under cross-examination, the prosecuting barrister Toby Hedworth put it to Mr McIlroy that his account was “preposterous”.

He said it was “complete fantasy island”.

He accused Mr McIlroy and his friends of concocting a story, and he put it to him that he never had any of this sexual activity and that he delivered the wrong lines and put himself there instead of his co-accused Stuart Olding.

Mr McIlroy denied that was the case, and said he just told police the truth about what happened.

The jury has agreed to sit again tomorrow morning.