Belfast rape trial: What Blane McIlroy says

Newstalk's Frank Greaney sums up the evidence

Belfast rape trial: What Blane McIlroy says

Blane McIlroy arrives at Belfast Crown Court, 26-03-2018. Image: Niall Carson/PA Wire/PA Images

Blane McIlroy denies one count of exposure.

The specific offence he is charged with falls under PART 8 of Northern Ireland’s Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017.

A conviction for exposing ones genitals with the intention of causing fear, distress or alarm to another carries a maximum penalty on conviction of two years in prison.

The woman claims Blane walked in to the room “completely naked” while she was being raped by Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding.

His version of events is entirely different.

When he took the stand on March 9th, he told the jurors the others came round to his house to watch the Euros.

He said they were drinking and he had five or six cans of Carlsberg before they went to Cutters Wharf where he had some more drinks.

He said he met three girls outside Ollie’s nightclub in the early hours of June 28th 2016 and invited them back to Paddy’s for a party. He said the complainant also arrived back but she was not in his taxi.

Taxi rank outside Ollie's nightclub in Belfast. Image: Frank Greaney

He described the party as “good fun” and said everyone was dancing around and having a good time.

He said he was chatting to everyone but spoke to Dara Florence more than the others. He didn't recall talking to the complainant and didn't recall her paying attention to anyone in particular. Paddy Jackson and Rory Harrison both said she was staring at Paddy.

Mr McIlroy told the court he did not remember texting Mr Jackson asking about the possibility of a threesome immediately after two of the girls, including Ms Florence, had left the house. He said he went upstairs to see if there was somewhere to go to sleep.

"I opened the door," he said.

"I was fully clothed and I saw Paddy and the woman lying on the bed naked so I said ‘oh, sorry’ and then Paddy said ‘it’s fine’ so I went in and asked ‘oh what have you two been up?’ and she just smiled.

"I sat down on the bed beside the complainant and we started kissing. She showed no reluctance. The kiss was mutual."

Oakleigh Park in Belfast, where Paddy Jackson's house is located. Image: Frank Greaney

His barrister Arthur Harvey QC then asked if he forced her and he said: “no, not at all.”

Mr Harvey QC also asked him if she said no or stop and he said she didn't.

"Her left hand went down the waistband of my trousers while we were still kissing. She was groping my penis and began to masturbate me as much as she could with my trousers still on," he said.

"Then I loosened my belt and pulled down my trousers.

"She began to give me oral sex then while I was standing up. I didn't see what Paddy was doing because I was more paying attention to her but I was assumed he was behind her and using his fingers on her vagina.”

Blane McIlroy arrives at Belfast Crown Court, 01-02-2018. Image:  Brian Lawless/PA Wire/PA Images

Mr McIlroy said the oral sex lasted for up to ten seconds before she asked him to get condoms.

He said he didn't have any so he went downstairs to see if Rory had any. He said he didn't.

Mr Harrison has no recollection of this interaction with Blane.

Mr McIlroy said he went back upstairs and into the room where Stuart Olding was sleeping but he didn't get an answer off him when he asked him for a condom.

He then went back into Paddy’s room where the woman was now at the foot of the bed putting on her clothes. Paddy was still lying in the bed.

He said he told her he couldn't find condom and she said something like “Oh, it’s fine. I should go. It’s late.”

He told the court she also told him she doesn’t usually have one night stands. He said she continued to get dressed and then went downstairs.

Mr Harvey QC then put a number of the woman’s claims to his client:

Mr Harvey QC: “Did you say to her ‘you fucked these guys, why not me as well?’ as she was leaving?”

Mr McIlroy: “No, I did not.”

Mr Harvey QC: “Did she shout out ‘how many times does it take for a girl to say no before it sinks in?’"

Mr McIlroy: “No, she didn't.”

Mr Harvey QC: “Did you try to block her exit?”

Mr McIlroy: “No, I didn't.”

Mr Harvey QC: “Did you try to push your penis into her?”

Mr McIlroy: “No, I didn't”

Mr Harvey QC: “Did you stand at the entrance to the room masturbating?”

Mr McIlroy: “No, I didn't”

Laganside Courts in Belfast. Image: Liam McBurney/PA Archive/PA Images

Mr McIlroy said he never saw Stuart Olding upstairs until he went looking for a condom.

The complainant claims Stuart was also in the room when Blane walked in "completely naked.”

Mr Olding says Blane was never in the room while he was there.

Before concluding his questioning, Mr Harvey QC asked his client if he used force, either psychological or physical, to have sexual contact with the woman and Mr McIlroy said "no."

"If she had said ‘stop’ I would have stopped," he said.

"I would have stopped if she said no," he said.

If you have been affected by anything mentioned in this article you can contact the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre National 24-Hour helpline on 1800-77-88-88