Beddit: The Apple-owned wearable for your bed

The sleep monitor helps users track how much shut-eye they get

Apple recently acquired 'Beddit Sleep Monitor'. This is a system that can monitor the daily sleep habits of iPhone users via an app. 

This system was developed in partnership with the Helsinki Sleep Clinic, VitalMed Research Centre and Professor Marrku Partinen, MD. 

The thin sensor is designed to be placed under the sheet on a mattress. It then collects and analyses data such as sleep time, efficiency and heart rate. It can also track movement, snoring and respiration. 

All of this information is then displayed on the Beddit iPhone app. Users can gain personalised insights and even 'customisable sleep coaching'. 

"Beddit technology is based upon a scientific principle known as ballistocardiography (BCG), an unobtrusive, non-invasive technique for measuring the mechanical activity of the heart, lungs and other body functions," says the Apple website. 

Beddit tracks each heartbeat and respiration cycle, before using analysis and machine-learning algorithms to generate the insights. 

As someone who has tried wrist-based wearables in the past, the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor sounds appealing to me. I have tried devices from Garmin, FitBit and Samsung in the past. I found each a bit clunky on the wrist at night time. This seems like an unobtrusive solution. 

The Beddit 3 Sleep monitor is now available to buy on for €149.95.