Trump accounts probed for Russian links

Deutsche Bank is reported to have held an investigation centered on accounts held by the US President

Trump accounts probed for Russian links

Darko Vojinovic AP / Press Association Images

Germany's Deutsche Bank is reported to have conducted an investigation regarding Russian connections to a personal account held by US president Donald Trump.

The Guardian reports that an internal probe focused on Donald Trump's finances related to recent transactions which may have been guaranteed by Russians - but no links were found.

Accounts held by Ivanka Trump, her husband (and Donald's advisor), Jared Kushner and his mother Seryl Kushner were also examined, according to the British publication.

DB is currently wrapping up a settlement following an investigation by the US Justice Department - it has agreed to pay a $7.2bn fine connected to its selling of mortgage-backed securities before the 2008 crash. The US originally sought $14bn from the bank.

It was also fined $425m by US regulators for laundering Russian money.

Two sources told the newspapers that no links with Russia were found. The bank often reviews the dealings of individuals once they become "politically exposed" by entering the political fray.

DB is being called on to appoint an independent external auditor to review Mr Trump's dealings with the bank.

Bill Pascrell Jr, a Democrat senator called for clarity: "We know that Deutsche Bank is a major lender to President Trump, and the firm is also currently undergoing scrutiny by the Department of Justice for alleged misconduct ... I think it’s important for the American people to know the extent of the bank’s involvement with the president, and whether there is any Russian involvement in loans made to Mr Trump."

He also called for Mr Trump's tax returns to be reviewed by Congress in a closed session.

In 2010 DB and Mr Trump reached a legal settlement after the businessman counter-sued when the institution took legal action relating to unpaid loans linked to property investments.

When contacted by Newstalk the bank said it will not comment on the issue.