Bank of Ireland customers: Beware of this email phishing scam

It looks authentic but it's not the real deal

You may have received a call, text or email in recent times, claiming to be from a service provider, offering a refund or tax back. To claim the money, you need to click on a link and insert bank details. You know that saying “If it seems too good to be true then it probably is”? That applies here. This is the very definition of phishing.

The people behind these scams are constantly looking for ways to fool people into handing over details. Just today, I have received an email, claiming to be from Bank of Ireland. As you can see, it looks legit but it's not. 


I assumed it was ok and clicked on the link. This is when alarm bells went off for me and I closed the window immediately. The link brought me to the following page:


This looks normal enough, expect for the address bar. Take a closer look: it's not I then took another look at the email sent to me an noticed that it was sent from an unofficial email address. is not an official Bank of Ireland email address.

If you receive this email, just delete it. If you think you have fallen victim to a scam, contact your bank immediately.