Back To Basics: Knitting is making a comeback

George Hook was astounded to hear that craftmaking of all sorts was becoming popular again.

High Noon is on a campaign to get 'Back To Basics', and in that vein, there has been an upturn in people getting into crafts in recent years.

Getting things mended and altered in a alterations shop can be so costly it almost defeats the purpose, so it seems more and more people are buying into the notion that we should know how to sew on a button or hem up a skirt or trousers.

Jackie Jolliffe, the founder of the Crafty Fox joined George on High Noon to tell him all about it.

She told him that embroidery came back into fashion in recent months.  She also made the point that crafts can be a fun alternative for kids to gaming, for example, but also in giving them important and useful life skills.

Also on High Noon today, George was joined by Irish Times Science columnist William Reville, who maintains that children's mathematics and spelling skills are not what they used to be in previous generations.

Listen to all of this, as High Noon continues to campaign for everyone to get Back To Basics, by clicking below.