Babee on Board: The app that tells commuters if there's a pregnant woman on public transport

The app has just launched in London

It's often said that manners are a thing of the past, but a new app seeks to bring them back for pregnant women. The app, called 'Babee on Board' is the brainchild of a London based creative agency called 10X. 

The idea with this app is that those on public transport will receive a push notification if there's a pregnant woman in need of a seat. There is two parts of this app: request or offer.


The app to request costs £3.99, with 100% of that money going to Project Healthy Children. The app to offer a seat is free and doesn't use much battery or storage space. 

At present, the app is only available on iOS and in London. They are currently working to widen that offering. What's interesting about the concept is that it runs off Bluetooth, rather than cellular or Wifi. This means it can work on the London Underground and all types of transport systems. 

While this is a clever and innovative solution, it does require that commuters download the app and have their Bluetooth turned on.