BBC journalist released after being detained by Turkish authorities

There has been a major crackdown on media outlets in Turkey following the attempted coup in July

BBC journalist released after being detained by Turkish authorities

File photo. Image: Petros Kardjias / AP/Press Association Images

A BBC reporter has been released in Turkey after she was detained by authorities this weekend. 

According to Hurryiet Daily News, Hatice Kamer was sent to the district of Şirvan following the collapse of a copper mine earlier this month.

At least 11 miners died and five others are missing following the incident, which is believed to have been caused by a landslide.

It is reported the Mrs Kamer was to carry out interviews with relatives and miners. She was detained on Saturday.

BBC Turkey reported this evening that she has since been released.

The reporter told German broadcaster WDR that she was accused of supporting the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) - an accusation she denies.

A freelance reporter with Voice of America - Khajijan Farqin - has also been released after she was taken into custody in Turkey’s Siirt province.

The Turkish government has carried out a major crackdown on journalists in the wake of the attempted coup in July.

Authorities have shut down more than 150 media outlets and detained dozens of journalists over recent months.

Amnesty International is among the organisations to have criticised the crackdown, saying a series of detentions last month was "the latest wave in a post-coup purge which has turned Turkey’s once vibrant media landscape into a wasteland.”