Avonmore named Ireland's favourite brand

As half our most popular brands are homegrown...

Avonmore has been named as Ireland's favourite brand, leading a homegrown charge that finds half of the brands we love the most hail from these very shores.

Kantar Worldpanel have put together the fourth such annual list, with its Brand Footprint ranking looking at which brands were bought by the most Irish consumers, as well as the ones purchased most frequently, for the period between October 2014 and October 2015.

Avonmore was picked off supermarket shelves on average 27.4 times a year by 75.8% of the population - it sold a little less than 35 million products for the year

Brennans held fast in second place, with Brennans bread bought, on average, 25 times per year by 71.5% of households.

Denny, Jacob's and Batchelors all followed, with Jacob's boasting the greatest penetration - 84.8% of Irish households purchased Jacob's products.

The full Irish top 10, in order, was:

Avonmore, Brennans, Denny, Knorr, Jacob's, Muller, Birds Eye, Heinx, Batchelors and Coca-Cola.

In the worldwide rankings, Coca-Cola retained its crown, followed by Colgate (which is probably a sensible pairing).

Kantar Worldpanel highlight the fact that only Coca-Cola, Knorr and Heniz appeared in both the Irish and European top ten. Few of our homegrown brands enjoyed a presence abroad.

David Berry, director at Kantar Worldpanel, said:

"Irish brands continue to represent a strong contingent in our shopping baskets and it's promising that they're succeeding in the same space as pan-European and global businesses".