Athy murder trial hears gunman "cycled away casually"

Witness says he saw his best friend murdered by a gunman on a bike

Athy murder trial hears gunman "cycled away casually"

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A man has told a Kildare murder trial that he witnessed his best friend being shot dead by a masked gunman on a bicycle.

James Lammon of Cardington Way in Athy is charged with the murder of 22-year-old Jason Doogue on August 21st last year.

Prosecution witness Calvin Cullen told the court that Jason Doogue was one of his best friends. He said he was like a brother to him.

He said he was with the victim on the day of the murder when they met the accused Jimmy Lammon who was sitting in his van.

He described an argument between the two and said he heard Mr. Lammon say he was going to "get" Mr Doogue that night.

He said they were both shouting at each other and that Mr. Lammon also told his friend he was going to be “whacked.”

Mr Cullen said that later that evening he was with a group of friends outside his house in Greenhills when he saw someone coming up the hill on a bike.

He said Jason Doogue was sitting on a wall when the man - who was dressed all in black and had his face covered - pulled a black gun with a silver silencer from the waistband of his trousers and opened fire.

He said the first bullet knocked Mr Doogue off the wall.

After shouting “run,” he said he saw the man lean over the wall and fire a second shot. He said Mr. Doogue got to his feet and started to run.

The prosecution claims a third shot hit him in the back as he tried to make his escape.

He told the jury that after the shooting, the gunman just cycled off casually “as if he hadn’t done anything.”

He said he recognised the mountain bike as belonging to a nephew of the accused Jimmy Lammon – who denies the murder charge.