Julian Assange's internet access restricted after Clinton email leak

He is currently on asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has had his internet access temporarily restricted by the Ecuadorian government.

It follows the whistleblowing site releasing another batch of emails from the campaign manager of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Ecuador's foreign ministry says it doesn't interfere in foreign elections but stands by its decision to grant Assange asylum at the embassy in London.

The foreign ministry said that while it stands by its 2012 decision to grant Assange asylum based on legitimate concerns he faces political persecution, it respects other nations' sovereignty and doesn't interfere or support any candidate in foreign elections.

However, Hannah Thomas of Sky News says Julian's internet ban won't stop Republican candidate Donald Trump calling Clinton out at the final residential debate tonight. 

"The fact that Assange has been stopped from getting on the internet won't stop Donald Trump bringing up this issues - anything to distract from the fact that his path to the White House is looking extremely difficult to navigate," she says.

Assange has been at the embassy for more than four years after skipping bail to avoid extradition to Sweden over sex crimes allegations, a position which — until now — hasn't prevented him from continuing to play a pivotal role in exposing state secrets and backroom trade deals.

The final televised US presidential debate takes place in Las Vegas. Trump has invited Barack Obama's half brother to the debate.

Malik Obama has already said he intends to vote for the Republican candidate, telling US media the tycoon "can make America great again".

It comes following President Obama's criticism of Trump, saying he does not have what it takes to be president.