As the world Berns: Sanders takes 70% of vote in so-called 'Global Presidential Primary'

Democrats in more than 170 countries cast their votes, with Hillary Clinton only winning in a handful

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Jim Fenton, formerly from Boston and now living in Dublin, casts his vote at the Arlington Hotel, Dublin, after it was turned into an impromptu voting centre by Democrats Abroad for the Global Presidential Primary [Brian Lawless / PA Wire]

Despite trailing behind Hillary Clinton in the democratic primaries that have taken place across the United States so far, independent senator Bernie Sanders can take some solace in know that he beat Clinton in 167 countries out of 170 in the global primary that allows US democrats living abroad to have their say in their party’s nominee.

Claiming 69% of the vote, Sanders described his win as a testament to the “political revolution” that is now “resonating all over the world.”

According to Julia Bryan, international secretary of Democrats Abroad, the turnout of voters was up 50% from the figures in 2008. “34,570 voters cast their ballots from over 170 countries around the world, through in-person voting, by fax, email, and post,” she said in a statement.

With Clinton only winning the popular vote in the Dominican Republic, Singapore, and Nigeria – where her four votes bested Sander’s singular vote – the Vermont senator has picked up nine pledged delegates. Hillary Clinton took four, having secured 31% of the vote.

In Ireland, where more than 500 American residents cast their vote, Sanders won by 356 votes to Clinton’s 156.

Sanders can add his international win to the nine US states he has taken so far, but he still trails Clinton by 758 delegates in the lead-up to the Democratic Convention where the official nominee will be selected.

Reacting to his international success, Sanders said: “This political revolution that is gaining momentum across America is now resonating all over the world.

“There is a clear path to victory as we begin the second half of the delegate process. We are waging a strong campaign and plan to take it all the way to the Democratic National Convention this summer in Philadelphia.”

Americans in Arizona, Utah, and Idaho will go to the polls today, with 131 delegates to play for, and Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington will hold their caucuses on Saturday, with 142 delegates on offer.

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