Are Disney fairytales sending out the wrong message?

Trinity College psychologist Sabina Brennan debates with George Hook on High Noon

Pupils in the England are being taught that Disney fairy tales promote sexism and domestic violence in a lesson plan circulated among teachers. 

For centuries, children have grown up with 'Beauty and the Beast', which tells the story of how a cursed man-beast is transformed into a handsome prince when an evil spell is broken by the love of a beautiful and gentle young girl.

But now pupils as young as 11 are being taught that loyal heroine Belle is in an abusive relationship with the Beast in which "her only asset is her sexuality".

Are Disney really sending out the wrong messages?

George was joined on High Noon today by Sabina Brennan, psychologist in Trinity College Dublin, and they weren't quite on the same page. Sabina thinks we need to have a whole new set of fairytales at this point, as the likes of 'Hansel and Gretel' is about kidnapping kids!

George wasn't so sure/

Sabina thinks these fairytales come from a very different time and need to move with the times, something else George took issue with.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking below.