App built by teens boosts productivity

The app is a available on iOS for €0.99

If you've ever sought to be more productive, without incurring a large expense, Blue Cocoa's Time app may be for you. It's a simple idea, developed by a group of teenagers and can help you manage your time more effectively. 

The app is currently available on iOS for €0.99.  

Once downloaded, it's simply a case of inserting tasks and assigning a particular amount of time to complete the task. 

Tapping on a task starts the timer, which will alert the user when the time is up. A simple drag of the green box will allow users to increase or decrease the amount of time allocated to a particular task. 

The app uses AI technology to learn from previous tasks how as to long a user takes to complete certain items on their to-do list. 

I've been using the app for a number of days now and find it rather useful. Rather than writing a 'to-do' list in my diary, I've placed all items into the app, alongside a guesstimate of how long it will take to complete each task. I've found that I am more focused on the task at hand as I attempt to beat the clock. 

The user interface is incredibly basic and could be more polished, particularly given the €0.99 fee. That being said, however, the app is proving very popular around the world. 

The app's page in the App Store boasts the following fact: 

#1 Productivity App, Netherlands
#2 Overall App, Netherlands
#1 Productivity App, Canada
#1 Productivity App, New Zealand
#5 Productivity App, USA

If you want to see if the timer-method works for you, before purchasing the app or if you're on Android check out Tomato-Timer.