Apollo house campaigners threaten court action to end homelessness

Campaigners are working with 40 homeless people in Apollo House

Apollo house campaigners threaten court action to end homelessness

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Apollo house campaigners said they will take court action if necessary against Minister for Finance Michael Noonan to force him to hand over State-owned property to use for the homeless.

Home Sweet Home said the National Asset Management Agency (Nama) Act made specific provision for the minister of the day to use Nama property for whatever he decrees. 

Spokesperson Tommy Gavin said they intend to lobby the minister to take the necessary steps under the Nama Act to end homelessness.

"If necessary, we will seek the assistance of the courts,” before adding that Minister Noonan had the power to wipe out homelessness “at the stroke of a pen."

He continued by saying "Ireland is unique in dealing with homelessness in that we have Nama, a State-owned property company that owns more than enough property to house our entire population of 6,700 homeless people."

"We are establishing a pledge-based defence fund where you the public in Ireland and beyond, will be able to pledge the necessary funds to win this case if necessary."

"So we call on the Minister for Finance to insist that Nama designate enough of the State-owned property for appropriate residential use to end homelessness."