Android Pay has arrived in Ireland: Here's all you need to know

It's available to download right now

Are you an AIB or KBC customer, with an Android phone? If so, there's some good news for you today. You can now use Android Pay to purchase items. 

Android Pay is the simple and secure way to use your Android phone to pay in stores and within apps. Choose your device, add your credit or debit cards, and you’re all set.

Google has sent over a very handy guide to Android Pay. Here's what you need to know. 

  1. Simplicity: Simplified tap and pay experience - unlock your phone, tap and pay. Android phones and tablets with Android 4.4+ and NFC will work with Android Pay. Users just need to install the app and add supported cards.
  2. Security: Security has always been the center of our approach with mobile payments, and we have taken that one step further with the introduction of industry standard tokenization.
  3. Choice: We've built Android Pay as an open platform for developers, so any Android developer in Ireland can add Android Pay to its mobile commerce apps.

How secure is Android Pay?

We have a multi layered security approach with Android Pay: Payment information is encrypted and constantly monitored for malware and fraud. We don’t share the actual 16-digit  card number with merchants during the transaction and we don't store it on the phone. If a phone gets lost or stolen, you can disable the account at anytime and because the actual card number is not stored on the device, there is no need to cancel it. Finally, we also use a dynamic security code that changes with each transaction, so that even if someone were to hack a merchant they wouldn't get access to our users' credentials. If your phone is ever lost or stolen you can easily find, lock, and erase your phone using Android Device Manager. 

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

Android Device Manager will help you find, lock, and erase your phone. Also, you can simply search “Find my phone” and Google will show you where it is on a map. Since your payment information is never stored in the phone, there’s no need to cancel your credit or debit card. 

How do I use Android Pay in apps?

When checking out, select Android Pay as your payment option. If you don’t see it as a payment option, first verify that you have downloaded and/or set up an eligible card with Android Pay, and then check to ensure the app accepts Android Pay here

What do I need to use Android Pay?

To use your Android phone to pay for services & purchases, you need an NFC and HCE-enabled Android device running KitKat 4.4+ and have Android Pay set up in your Google Settings. You can also download the Android Pay app from the Google Play Store. 

Do I need to upgrade my operating system to use Android Pay?

As long as you have an Android phone running KitKat 4.4+ that is NFC and HCE enabled, you do not need to upgrade. 

How do I set up Android Pay?

You can set this up two ways. You can either add a card to Android Pay in your Google Settings, or directly within the Android Pay app. If you already have a card linked to your Google account you can simply add that card to the Android Pay app by confirming a few details, or you can add a new card -- it’s as simple as snapping a picture. 

Where can I use Android Pay?

You can pay with your Android phone at any store that accepts contactless payments across the Ireland. Tap and pay wherever you see one of these symbols:

You can also use Android Pay in many of your favourite apps. You can see the apps that accept Android Pay in this Play store collection.

How do I use Android Pay in stores?

To pay with Android Pay:

  • Unlock your device. No need to open the app.
  • Hold the back of your device near the contactless payment terminal.
  • Your phone will beep or vibrate, and you will receive a confirmation on screen to show your payment was made (see image below) 

What payment cards can I use with Android Pay?

You can add major credit, debit, and prepaid cards to Android Pay. Check our website for the latest list of supported banks. Contact your card issuer to determine your card’s eligibility. Some banks may not support all card types.  

Can I make a return for an item purchase with Android Pay?

Yes. In most instances, a return should work with Android Pay the same as it would if you had swiped a regular card. The key difference is that instead of the merchant having to swipe your card again you'll have to tap your phone on the payment terminal again to verify the return. Be sure to check that the Card selected in Android Pay is the one that you used for the original purchase.  In some cases you may also be asked for the last few digits of your Card number. If this happens, you should provide the last few digits of your virtual account number. To view the last four or five digits of the virtual account number go to "Card details" or "Transaction details".