Amanullah de Sondy: 'I don't see why these attacks are based on a religion'

UCC's senior lecturer in Contemporary Islam gives George his thoughts on the latest terror attacks

It seems that the world remains as divided as ever as we come to terms with an apparent terror attack in Berlin, an assassination in Ankara and a shooting in a mosque in Zurich.

George was joined on High Noon on Tuesday by Amanullah de Sondy, senior lecturer in Contemporary Islam in UCC, who couldn't put into words how devastated he was at the attacks and loss of life.

However, he said he was a bit tired of hearing so many of his Muslim colleagues simply 'condeming' the attacks, and called for greater dialogue and critical thinking to happen in the aftermath of these latest attacks, so that progress might finally be made in stopping worldwide terrorism.

De Sondy added that it saddened him that a lot of people weren’t able to respect each other's humanity, particularly those with different cultures to their own.

You can listen to the full interview below.