All Saints, Beck & Rick Astley: 5 new songs to listen to this weekend

We scour the musical landscape to bring you the best new songs of the week

Every Friday sees the new album and single releases hit online and the stores, and here's our picks of the five songs you should be listening to this weekend.

All Saints - "Ratchet Behaviour"

After a long wait, fans can finally get their ears around the foursome's latest album Red Flag, and while there is plenty of evidence of the chilled out vibes to remind us of "Pure Shores" or "Black Coffee", this track finds the ladies bringing the swagger to the club. The beat is pure Caribbean menace, the kind of thing Rihanna used to do really well before she started taking herself WAY too seriously.

Tegan and Sara - "Boyfriend"

Back in 2013, this duo released one of the best reviewed pop albums of the decade so far, so obviously anticipation is pretty high for the follow up. Today they released two new tracks from Love You To Death, and while "U-Turn" is also very good, "Boyfriend" is the stand-out, telling the story of a girl who falls in love with another girl... who already has a boyfriend. The drama!

M83 - "Time Wind" featuring Beck

The new album Junk is out this weekend, and this pitch-perfect collaboration with Beck has got to be the highlight of the album, with M83's retro-sci-fi synth-ballad production matching up with Beck's lonely, isolated (and forever weird) lyrics and delivery.

Tom Odell - "Wrong Crowd"

Speaking of M83, there are definitely some shades of their former work in the latest single from the 2013 BRITs Critic's Choice Award winner, and there's also definitely some Leonard Cohen in there, too. "Wrong Crowd" is a slight but still significant departure from the Odell's A Long Way Down album, and this new direction works with his talents perfectly. 

Rick Astley - "Keep Singing"

Nearly thirty years since he told us that he was never gonna give us up, and believe it or not, Astley is still going strong. His eighth (?!) album 50 is out in June, and lead single "Keep Singing" shows off his still rather impressive vocal abilities. To be fair, it's not a GREAT week for new songs, but who are we not to give Astley a little bit of love??