Aisling Daly: 'The comments by Shane Ross are ignorant'

The MMA fighter and co-founder of Safe MMA Aisling Daly says MMA is becoming a lot safer, and the Sports Minister should educate himself.

The Minister for Sport Shane Ross has pledged to tackle the ‘brutal and savage’ sport of MMA.

It comes on a day when a lecture is taking place in the Royal College of Surgeons, discussing the issue of CTE in combat sport, and just a couple of days removed from Junior Sports Minister Patrick O'Donovan saying MMA could be in line for recognition from Sport Ireland.

MMA fighter Aisling Daly was not impressed with Minister Ross' comments, and insisted that he needed to 'educate himself' before making such comments.

She maintained that the sport is making great strides in looking after fighter safety, and because it's a new sport, it has had to be very quick to mature, and get its safety guidelines straight.

Daly is the co-founder of Safe MMA, promoting safety within the sport, along with Professor Dan Healy.

Listen to her full exchange with George by clicking below.