Address of girl killed by her estranged father was sent to him by mistake

Mary Shipstone's address was inadvertently sent in legal documents

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File photo. Image: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

The address of a seven-year-old girl murdered on her doorstep by her estranged father in Britain was accidentally sent to him by her mother's solicitor, it has been revealed.

A serious case review found the address of the safe house where Mary Shipstone had been living was inadvertently sent to her father in legal documents.

Mary's mother Lyndsey reported the error to police five months before Mary was shot dead after returning home from school in Northian, East Sussex, on September 11th 2014.

After killing his daughter, 46-year-old Yasser Alromisse turned the gun on himself.

The review said there was also evidence or a strong suspicion that details of her previous addresses or identity were made available to Alromisse by other bodies, including a bank and the UK's Child Support Agency.

Nevertheless, no proof was uncovered to suggest any of the accidental disclosures were to blame for Alromisse tracking down his estranged family.

The criminal investigation found he had used "a variety of covert and illicit means" to trace his daughter, referred to in the 73-page review as Child P.

It concluded that no professional connected with the family could have predicted or prevented Mary's killing.

"It has not been possible to establish exactly when and how he found out where Child P was living," the review said.

"There is no evidence that any professional was aware of this activity, nor did he make any threat to harm Child P or give any indication that he might do so."

Mary's death "was calculated to deprive the mother of her child while at the same time leaving her with a permanent memory of her death," the report said, adding that Alromisse may have feared he was about to be denied contact with his daughter in a new round of court hearings.

A spokesman for the East Sussex Local Safeguarding Children Board said the review found that professionals had responded "diligently" and "appropriately" to the case, including earlier reports of domestic violence.

It found, however, that improvements could be made in the way agencies share information when vulnerable families move areas.

At an inquest into Mary's death last September, East Sussex coroner Alan Craze said Alromisse's "thoroughly despicable act of violence" had been "pre-meditated over a long period of time".

It heard how Mary's mother carried the seven-year-old to a neighbour's home, where they tried to revive her while waiting for emergency services.

She died of her injuries at London's King's College Hospital.