YouTube announce 7 new shows starring Ellen, Katy Perry and Kevin Hart

The company is looking to offer viewers an alternative model to Netflix

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8:00 5 May 2017 Jess Kelly 08:00 Friday 5 May 2017

YouTube has announced an all-star line up for their new ad-supported shows. 

Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry, Kevin Hart and Demi Lovato have all signed up for original, high-quality programmes that will be available to users around the world on YouTube. 

What is 'ad-supported', you may wonder? 

This means the project is funded by a sponsor, ensuring the company and the stars get their money, but we the consumer can watch for free. It's an alternative way to work, in comparison to Netflix for example. Netflix offers ad-free content but their offering does require a subscription. 

“We see these shows as a way to partner with you to buck this trend," said YouTube Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl, speaking at #Brandcast.

New shows

The streaming giant gave a brief insight into what the new shows entail. 

The company recently faced stern criticism after it emerged that ads were running offensive content, without the knowledge of the advertisers. 

YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki addressed the issue. 

“We apologise for letting some of you down. I’m here to say that we can and we will do better. Over the past few weeks, our teams have been working around the clock to make important changes to make sure ads show up in the right place.”


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