Tayto to re-brand over 31 million bags as Gaeilge

The move was spurred on by the success of its Patrick's Day pack

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14:16 18 Dec 2017 Jack Quann 14:16 Monday 18 December 2017

Crisp-maker Tayto has announced it is to re-brand all its flavours as Gaeilge.

The cúpla focal will feature on over 31 million bags sold in Ireland, and it will also bring Gaeilge to over one million Tayto fans living abroad.

Tayto says it hopes to add the Irish language to more of its crisp and snack bags in the future.

The company says the change has come following two years of promotional campaigns, featuring the Irish language.

But it says this "Irish upgrade" is now here to stay.

Your bags will be looking a little different from now on:

Image: Supplied to Newstalk.com

Tayto says this was also spurred on by the success of its St Patrick's Day pack that was launched in March 2016.

 Image: Supplied to Newstalk.com

"It received such a positive response that now all Tayto impulse bags will have the dual language and it's here to stay", a spokesperson says.

Impulse bags are the standard size crisp bags that are bought in all shops and in six-packs.

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