Spotify allows users to create playlists via Facebook Messenger

Users can already find new music with a Spotify Bot within Messenger

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14:29 22 Jun 2017 Jess Kelly 14:29 Thursday 22 June 2017

Facebook has made no secret of the fact it hopes to be the one-stop shop for everything and anything in your life.

While users in certain regions can already transfer money and interact with some of their favourite brands via Messenger, Mark Zuckerberg's company has just enabled a new feature that will see users collaborate on playlists with friends. 

This comes just two months after Spotify added a bot to Facebook Messenger, which helps users find songs and playlists within the Messenger structure.

The new feature, dubbed Group Playlists for Messenger, requires a user to select the Spotify Messenger extension whilst chatting with a group. Spotify users then hit 'Create' and name the playlist.

From there, it's possible to send the playlist to a group chat. All members are then prompted to click in and add songs. While non-Spotify members can participate with the collaboration, they will only hear track previews, as opposed to full songs. 

Spotify has recently announced it is also trialling new methods for sponsored content on its platform. This new model will allow record labels to promote individual songs. The company has confirmed that Sponsored Songs is a test programme that will only appear to users of the free service. 


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