Scottish newspaper lets readers design 'blank' front page with Brexit suggestions

David Davis has admitted forecasts of the EU divorce on the British economy did not exist


Image via Verified account @ScotNational on Twitter

8:37 7 Dec 2017 Jack Quann 08:37 Thursday 7 December 2017

A Scottish newspaper is allowing readers to design its front page after the latest Brexit revelations.

The UK's Brexit Secretary, David Davis, admitted on Wednesday the government has not assessed the potential impact of Brexit on the economy.

He told the Brexit select committee "forecasts" of the EU divorce effect on different industrial sectors did not exist.

Mr Davis also admitted he had only read two chapters of an 850-page document given to MPs last week, which gave information on different parts of the economy.

Asked if there were studies into Brexit's impact on industries - including aerospace and financial services - he said: "I think the answer is going to be no to all of them."

Now, The National newspaper has left its front page blank, and asked readers to fill it out on Twitter.

Some of the more colourful suggestions include an image of a sinking Big Ben, an 'Error 404' message and the poo emoji used over and over again.

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