Paul Williams: "Conor McGregor is in a very, very dangerous place"

"These people do not care who Conor McGregor is; what he stands for or how powerful he is"


Conor McGregor attending the Conor McGregor: Notorious premiere at the Savoy Cinema in Dublin, 01-Nov-2017. Image: Brian Lawless/PA Wire/PA Images

16:20 29 Nov 2017 Newstalk 16:20 Wednesday 29 November 2017

Paul Williams believes Conor McGregor is in "a very, very dangerous place" over an alleged pub incident on Sunday night.

The Newstalk Breakfast presenter was commenting on reports in The Herald, regarding a brawl in a Crumlin pub in which two men were allegedly punched.

It is understood a relative of a senior Dublin gang member was injured during the alleged brawl.

"I have to say about this, and I'm wearing my old, veteran crime reporter hat - I have to say that Conor McGregor is in a very dangerous place right now," he said.

"He has come into conflict through probably no fault of his own, with a group of very, very dangerous people who are tied up with the Kinahans.

"These people do not care who Conor McGregor is, what he stands for, how powerful he is - they will drag him down into the cesspit."

Gardaí have received no complaint and are not investigating the incident.

McGregor poured fuel on the fire yesterday morning, posting a picture of himself on his Instagram with the caption, "the celebrity"  after a number of newspapers  reported on an altercation between an Irish celebrity and a relative of a senior Dublin gang figure.

"I would say, in the next 48 hours, if he is still in the country - and I understand that he may have left the country for a few days - but if he is still in the country, I understand from my sources that the Gardaí will be approaching him to give him a GIM form, which is a Garda Information Message, which is basically to tell him that there may be threats to his safety," said Mr Williams.

"This is a huge story, and imagine what it would do to our national reputation if this sporting icon was attacked by a bunch of gangsters." 

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