Murder trial of six-month-old baby hears graphic details

40-year-old John Tighe denies murdering his son


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13:28 8 Mar 2018 Stephanie Grogan 13:28 Thursday 8 March 2018

The trial of a man accused of murdering his baby son has heard a 'bolus' of tissue was removed from the baby's throat during a post mortem.

40-year-old John Tighe of Lavallyroe in Ballyhaunis in Co Mayo denies murdering six-month-old Joshua in June 2013.

It is the prosecution's case that John Tighe murdered his six-month-old son Joshua by placing a 'bolus' of tissue in his throat.

The court heard he denies this and maintains what happened was an accident.

He made an emergency call on the day in question, saying he believed his baby was choking after he had swallowed a baby wipe while his back was turned for a second.

Garda Fergus Maloney told the court he took photos as a post mortem was carried out on baby Joshua at Mayo General Hospital.

He said his photos show an exhibit was removed from the baby's throat.

He said this obstruction appeared to be 5.5cm in length and 3.5cm in height and said it seemed to compile of tissue.

A baby gro and an outer garment Joshua was wearing on the day he died were also shown to the jury.

A forensic officer said he analysed blood which was on the clothing, and said it matched the DNA profile of the six-month-old.

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