Mel Gibson: "A lot of light's being shined into a lot of dark places right now"

The actor, who has made a comeback in recent years, was in Dublin for the premiere of Daddy's Home 2


Mel Gibson. Image: Henry McKean

13:47 16 Nov 2017 Stephen McNeice 13:47 Thursday 16 November 2017

Mel Gibson says light is being shone into "a lot of dark places" in Hollywood at the moment.

It comes amid allegations of sexual misconduct made against a number of high-profile celebrities in the wake of the allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein.

Speaking at the Dublin premiere of his new film Daddy's Home 2 last night, the star was asked by Newstalk Breakfast's Henry McKean about the current atmosphere in Hollywood. 

Gibson said that he hopes there will be a positive outcome for victims of sexual harassment or assault who are now coming forward.

He said: "I think a lot of light's being shined into a lot of dark places right now - and rightfully so.

"It's tragic in a sense, because a lot of the poor victims have to relive it. [It's] torturous for them - but they'll get free by re-examining it."


Gibson's career stalled in 2006 when he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, and was recorded making anti-Semitic remarks following the arrest.

After a half-decade off screens, Gibson has made a gradual comeback in recent years - culminating in several Oscar nominations, including Best Film and Best Director, for his most recent directorial effort Hacksaw Ridge.

Talking about his own comeback, he simply said: "You just don't stop breathing."

You can listen back to Henry's full report from the Daddy's Home 2 premiere below: