How did the world media respond to the Irish election?

There was surprise at the losses suffered by Fine Gael and Labour


The Economist covers #GE16

18:39 28 Feb 2016 Eoin Brennan 18:39 Sunday 28 February 2016

The results of this weekend's election will not just affect Ireland, with eyes across the globe watching to see if the coalition would return to power.

Here's how the international media have reported the results of #GE16.

The New York Times - 'Irish Leader Rues 'Merciless' Election Losses, Seeks Allies'

The Economist - 'A nasty surprise for the Irish government'

The Australian - 'Ireland election: Voters maul major parties'

The Financial Times - 'Enda Kenny fights for political survival'

The Guardian - Irish election results show Fine Gael misread public mood