Apple comes out on top for tech gifts over Christmas

They had more than double the numbers of Samsung

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12:23 28 Dec 2016 Kevin Kelly 12:23 Wednesday 28 December 2016

Apple has come out on top of the list of most devices gifted over the holiday season.

They had 44% of all phone and tablet activations in the period that covered both Christmas and the Jewish holiday Hannukah, according to Flurry Analytics.

Samsung came in second with 21%. That’s an increase of 1% on last year for the South Korean company. Huawei was third with 3% and LG and Amazon tied with 2%.

There was also a big jump in the amount of “phablet” devices being sold. They’re large phones that are nearer in size to a tablet, such as the iPhone 7+ and the Galaxy Note line. Medium sized phones are still on top, but the big jump in phablets means that may take over in the next year or two.

Christmas Day also proved to be a big winner for app developers as twice as many apps were downloaded on the 25th as on any other day in December. Most downloads were for social apps and games.

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