A worried grandmother shares her concerns about the HPV Vaccine

Denise Kelly says her grand-daughter has experienced side effects after taking the vaccine. George also speaks with pediatrician, Alf Nicholson and Dr Robert O'Connor who tell him about the vaccine's importance.

George discussed the HPV vaccine 'Gardasil' on 'High Noon' with Dublin grandmother Denise Kenny.

Her 17 year old granddaughter Aoife received the vaccine in 2011. Since then, Aoife has experienced chronic pain and has received cat scans, a lumbar puncture, MRI, colonoscopy and a brain scan. 

Also giving their views, were Dr Jesper Mehlsen who is the Chief Physician at the Syncope Center at Copenhagen University Hospital and is working in one of the five different centers that have been set up to research the side effects of the Gardasil vaccination.

Professor Alf Nicholson Royal College of Surgeons Professor of Pediatrics in Temple Street Children’s Hospital expressed his views on the importance of vaccinations and particularly the HPV vaccine.

Later in the show, Dr Robert O’Connor Head of Research for the Irish Cancer Society also joined in on the discussion, unhappy with the information being put out to the public.

A concerned mother, Monica, came on to talk about her daughter Aoife, who has been unwell almost 6 years following the vaccine.