A Universal Basic Income is counter-intuitive, but would directly address a huge social issue

Social Justice Ireland's director Sean Healy argues the benefits of having a Universal Basic Income.

The last time George had Social Justice Ireland's Sean Healy on High Noon, he asked him to investigate the viability of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in Ireland. Fr Healy did just that.

Fr Healy believes that a UBI should be a universal non-conditional payment from government, paid regardless of income or wealth, and at the same level to everyone in a specified age group. It should be granted to every person on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement.  It should be tax-free, with all other personal income being taxed.

Healy argues that a system of UBI would be transformative to a social welfare system, which he says is ‘not fit for purpose’ to an ageing population, where the structure of work and employment is changing quickly.

Listen to the full interview below.