A Christmas Eve Special for Global Village

We have a very special show this Christmas eve from Wheatfield Prison.  

The first of our two shows from Wheatfield place of detention  comes to you this Saturday night we we take a look at life on the inside.

Wheatfield's operational governor Patrick Kavanagh and Noreen Keary, IM at Wheatfield Prison take us through what life is like in the prison and the hopes they have for the men serving time.

We also chat to friend of the show Caroline McGuigan, founder and CEO of Suicide or Survive, Paula Lawlor, National program director for SOS and two prisoners that mentor with them Eddie and JC.  Since 2012 Suicide or Survive has been providing Wellness Workshops and WRAP programs for prisoners and staff in Wheatfield Place of Detention. We look at the benefits of the program.   

Finally visiting a loved one in prison can be a really traumatic experience.  Teresa Clarke from St. Vincent de Paul and manager of the visitor center and Carol Ryan, Childcare and project worker about the new visiting room they have and how they play a role in making the visiting experience a positive one.  

We also hear from 2 prisoners Jim and Will about how taking part in a parenting course has helped them to become better fathers.  

Join us on Saturday evening or why not join the conversation, we love to hear your thoughts @GlobalVillageNT