42% of people think the Garda force isn't well managed

59% said there isn't a high enough Garda presence in their local area

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42% of people don't think the Garda force is well managed according to a new survey.

The Garda Public Attitude Survey questioned 6,000 people about their thoughts on crime and the Gardai.

Burglary was the most commonly crime in 2016, followed by robbing a house and theft of a car. 

Fear of crime

For the first time, the survey measured fear of crime and how it may impact on quality of life, as well as public awareness of Garda visibility. 

In the first quarter of 2016, 43% of people said they either had a lot of fear or some fear about crime, by the fourth quarter of 2016 this had fallen to 32%. 

Fewer people in Ireland were victims of crime in 2016, according to the survey. There was a 3% drop in the victimisation rate recorded, down to 8% in 2016.

Garda presence 

77% of those surveyed said crime is a very serious or serious problem. The survey also found that people who are generally satisfied with the force had dropped to 65% from 70% in 2015. 

59% think Garda presence in local areas was not enough, Only 35% reported the Gardaí patrolled their local area regularly.

Awareness of Garda patrols and Garda presence steadily increased through 2016. People in Munster (40%) and Connaught/Ulster (42%) were more likely to report awareness of Garda patrols, as apposed to Dublin (30%) and the rest of Leinster (31%) who were less likely.