133 people drown in Ireland every year

Irish Water Safety are urging to people to be careful over the Bank Holiday weekend

133 people drown in Ireland every year

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According to Irish Water Safety, 133 people drown in Ireland every year. 

That equates to more than five people per fortnight drowning in Ireland each year. 

As the Bank holiday approaches, Irish Water Safety have issued a statement urging people to be careful over the weekend.

In the statement they said "visitors to coastlines and inland waterways should be mindful of the dangers of cold shock, hypothermia and drowning.

"On Bank holiday weekends, people can become complacent and put themselves and their families in dangerous situations at aquatic environments.

"People have a responsibility to themselves and family to stay safe around water by knowing the dangers and learning from the situations that have led to tragic drownings in the past."

 They said it's crucial that people take safety precautions: "Always wear a Life-jacket when on water and ensure that it has a correctly fitted crotch strap. A recent IWS Report found that only 66% of the public wear a life-jacket.

"It is rare that somebody drowns when wearing one and if they do drown it is normally because of a malfunction or from being incorrectly fitted."

The statement finished with "Shore walkers should stay away from the edge and beach walkers should remain vigilant to the dangers of being stranded as the tidal range is significant with a new moon on Wednesday causing spring tides."