100 Days of Trump: Support from Texas Hispanic community

"Hispanics and Mexicans are tired of people jumping the line"

100 Days of Trump: Support from Texas Hispanic community

CNP/SIPA USA/PA Images United States President Donald J. Trump speaks in the Rose Garden of the White House, 05-04-2017. Image: CNP/SIPA USA/PA Images

Donald Trump has made no secret of his animosity towards many migrants coming from Mexico to the United States.

It formed the cornerstone to his signature policy - the border wall.

But this past weekend hundreds of Hispanic people turned out in south Texas - right at the border - to pledge their allegiance to President Trump and his policies.

Crowds gathered in McAllen - right at the border, where Mr Trump won 9,000 more votes than Mitt Romney did in 2012.

Newstalk's Richard Chambers was there: "Many of us will find this surprising - given what Trump said about Mexicans - talk about 'rapists, killers' crossing the borders - bad hombres - and building a wall with Mexico.

"But after a quick prayer, those who turned out told me they were very much beholden to the Trump agenda".

They were led by Priscilla Gabrielle Duran-Munoz: "That's the main reason we're having this rally - to show that there are supporters who are vastly Hispanics, and Hispanics tend to have conservative values.

"So conservatism and Republicans go hand-in-hand.

"We as Hispanics we're very hard workers, we're very family orientated and we put God above all".

Image: Facebook/Priscilla Gabrielle Duran-Munoz

Among the majority Hispanic crowd at the protest were some opinions about Mr Trump's wall.

One man said: "I think that the wall is a great idea...we ahve to really look at taking care of our people first, our veterans first.

"And unfortunetly the more people that come in and take away from the system, the less we can give to Americans and to veterans."

Another man said: "We want people to come and chase the American dream, legitimately".

One woman there said: "Rapes and kidnappings and murders are happening just south of our border - people are now putting attention to his comments cause he's the only one who's actually said it".

Another protestor said: "My parents came here and they did it legally, they did it the right way. I think Hispanics and Mexicans are tired of people jumping the line".