'Well, who is the w****r now?' - Michael Graham on Michael D Higgins' response to Fidel Castro's death

The American talk show host who was once called a 'w*nker' by President Michael D Higgins has criticised the President today..

It's no secret that Michael Graham is no fan of President Michael D Higgins, and the President's reaction to the death of Cuba's Fidel Castro over the weekend raised the American's ire.

'In the year 2016, to be praising a dictatorial, totalitarian leader who put people in jail, who is anti-Catholic is crazy.  What sort of liberal wants to praise Fidel Castro?'

In a statement earlier today, President Higgins praised Cuba’s literacy rates, health service and economic growth, adding Castro was “a giant among global leaders whose view was not only one of freedom for his people but for all of the oppressed and excluded peoples on the planet."

The President said economic and social reforms introduced in Cuba “were at the price of a restriction of civil society, which brought its critics’.’

Earlier, Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan backed President Michael D Higgins’s right to express his controversial views on Castro. He said “The President is quite entitled to make his views known on the passing of Castro’.

Meanwhile, there are no plans for President Higgins to travel to Havana for Castro's funeral.

Listen back to the full interview below, along with some listener opinions.