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Government to seek meeting with IAG in relation to Aer Lingus bid

The airline's board has recommended accepting an offer worth €1.3bn image

Enda Kenny in danger of breaking his promise to the women of the Magdalene...

‘Justice for Magdalenes Research’ have criticised the health care provisions in new bill image

"She was a tough little girl" - Father of baby who died in...

Amber Reilly died a week after she was born image

VIDEO: "He deserves it, he's a monster" - Fiona Doyle on...

Patrick O'Brien will now serve nine years in prison image

Lowry: "I've never heard of a situation where a woman took exception...

The Independent TD referred to the appointment of Valerie O'Reilly to the National Transport Authority in a note passed to Enda Kenny in the Dáil

  • image

    Adam Sandler reveals his first Netflix movie - already 2015's... image

    “Both sides of the argument need to be represented” - Dublin... image

    Cracked it: Chemists figure out how to unboil an egg image

    VIDEO: "Little midget parasite" - President Higgins heckled...

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    Gardaí investigating after suspected arson attack on constituency... image

    VIDEO: What does #OpenToAll mean to you? image

    "20% requirement for people who are not first time buyers is... image

    It was a deliberate stamp and should have been a red - David...