Should the Anglo Irish Treaty have been accepted?

A special broadcast from the National Concert Hall on the document that founded the Irish state

Should the Anglo Irish Treaty have been accepted?

The Four Courts during the Battle for Dublin, 30 June 1922


In December 1921 the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed, bringing the Irish War of Independence to an end with strong concessions secured from Britain. Though hailed by Michael Collins as the freedom to achieve freedom this treaty split the population and sparked the Irish Civil War.

Professor Patrick Geoghegan heads a panel discussion on this formative document, the history behind it, and its impact on the new Irish state. Hosted before a live audience in the newly refurbished Kevin Barry Room in the National Concert Hall, where the second Dail debated and passed the Anglo-Irish Treaty, this special 'Talking History' debate asks, should Ireland have accepted the Anglo-Irish Treaty?

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