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Irish singing priest offered music label deal

Sony and Universal both approach Fr Ray Kelly after hearing his YouTube version of Hallelujah

Irish singing priest offered music label deal
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Sandra Roche
07:38 Tuesday 6 May 2014

Fr Ray Kelly, the singing priest who became a YouTube sensation after his version of Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah went viral, has been offered two separate record deals with Sony and Universal.

The priest became famous when his singing was recorded at the wedding of Leah and Chris O’Kane and was shared and watched millions of times on YouTube, over 34 million times to be exact.

Fr Kelly is talking to both record companies about a record deal. 

The YouTube clip was eventually pulled by Sony which has the rights to Leonard Cohen’s music.

Since Fr Kelly sang Hallelujah at the wedding, he has been on many television chat shows and European television shows have even turned up at his church hoping to record him singing to his congregation.

German and Australian television have already been to film him and Thames Television are apparently coming over as well. 

He appeared on the The Late Late Show recently and is singing at a show in Manhattan, New York next Sunday.

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