VIDEO: Mother has 666 tattooed on son's arm

A viral video posted on YouTube in 2011 sparked outrage and an online hunt for the woman's identity

VIDEO: Mother has 666 tattooed on son's arm
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Sandra Roche
10:53 Wednesday 30 January 2013

A video of a crying child being forced by his own mother to get tattooed was posted on YouTube leading to an online hunt for the woman's identity at the time. 

The clip from 2011 shows the mother holding out her childs arm while the tattoo artist gets to work with his tattoo gun. 

A follow-up story claims that the woman was finally tracked down and arrested for her part in the controversy.

The person you posted the YouTube video wrote the following in explaination of the clip:

"After doing some research apperntly this video is from 2011, and the mother was from Albony New York. She was arrested when a baby sitter was cleaning the baby and saw the tattoo on the arm and instantly called authorities. It's a great thing that the lady was prosecuted. The tattoo artist was the father and apparently was called over to "practice" on the 9 month baby. Very f****d up and I am still in disbelief. The full article is above.

This video is NOT mine I am getting messages saying to say whoever did this but I DO NOT KNOW. This video was posted on the internet and I reposted to show how inhumane and fucked up society is today. This is absolutletly disgusting and I hope the parents or whoever get prosecuted.. This video is put out there to potentially get the parents prosecuted, not to infringe anyones rights. If you are the owner I will take down the video if you dont want it up, and I hope that you go to jail in return"

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