Morrissey: Thatcher was barbaric and a terror

British singer Morrissey has hit out at Margaret Thatcher

Morrissey: Thatcher was barbaric and a terror
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Padraig Prendergast
11:15 Tuesday 9 April 2013

The former Iron Lady, aged 87, died of a stroke in London yesterday morning.

The one time Smiths vocalist voiced his true feelings on the Britain's first and only female Prime Minister.

The letter published by The Daily Beast quotes Morrissey calling Thatcher “barbaric” and “a terror without an atom of humanity.”

Morrisey’s statement in full:

Thatcher is remembered as The Iron Lady only because she possessed completely negative traits such as persistent stubbornness and a determined refusal to listen to others. Every move she made was charged by negativity; she destroyed the British manufacturing industry, she hated the miners, she hated the arts, she hated the Irish Freedom Fighters and allowed them to die, she hated the English poor and did nothing at all to help them, she hated Greenpeace and environmental protectionists, she was the only European political leader who opposed a ban on the Ivory Trade, she had no wit and no warmth and even her own Cabinet booted her out. She gave the order to blow up The Belgrano even though it was outside of the Malvinas Exclusion Zone - and was sailing AWAY from the islands! When the young Argentinean boys aboard The Belgrano had suffered a most appalling and unjust death, Thatcher gave the thumbs up sign for the British press. Iron? No. Barbaric? Yes. She hated feminists even though it was largely due to the progression of the women's movement that the British people allowed themselves to accept that a Prime Minister could actually be female. But because of Thatcher, there will never again be another woman in power in British politics, and rather than opening that particular door for other women, she closed it. Thatcher will only be fondly remembered by sentimentalists who did not suffer under her leadership, but the majority of British working people have forgotten her already, and the people of Argentina will be celebrating her death. As a matter of recorded fact, Thatcher was a terror without an atom of humanity. — MORRISSEY

The songs inspired by Thatcher

In one of his own songs, Morrissey said: "People like you make me feel so tired. When will you die?" in the Viva Hate track “Margaret on the Guillotine."

Elvis Costello - Tramp the Dirt Down

Hefner - The Day That Thatcher Dies

Simply Red - She'll Have To Go

Let us know below if there are any others we are missing...

Spitting Image could have been called Hands Up Mrs Thatcher

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