MRCI, Young, Paperless and Powerful campaign

On tonight's Global Village.


Young, Paperless and Powerful, is a campaign group made up of  an estimated 2,500 – 5,000 undocumented children and young people living in Ireland today. They have grown up here but are now unable to progress in life as they cannot access immigration papers. 

Dil is joined by,

Dearbhla Ryan Community Worker with the Migrant Rights Centre of  Ireland (MRCI).

and by three undocumented young people. 

IFTA nominee and multi-award winning writer/director Paddy Slattery has been a wheelchair user since a serious car crash twenty years ago which left him paralysed. His inspirational journey continues as Zanzibar Films announce plans to produce his debut feature film The Broken Law of Attraction. A crowdfunding campaign for the film is also being launched 

And Paddy joins Dil.