Colm Parkinson says double weight jump was too much for Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor went down in the second round of his first UFC Welterweight bout

Colm Parkinson says double weight jump was too much for Conor McGregor

Eric Jamison / AP/Press Association Images

After looking healthier and more comfortable in a Welterwight body, it was something of a shock to witness Conor McGregor's capitulation in his debut fight at 170Ib last night.

But a two inch reach advantage and a natural physical superiority proved decisive in the end and forced McGregor to tap out in the second round on the back of a strongly imposed rear naked choke from Nate Diaz.

This is McGregor's first submission since 2010 and speaking on Off The Ball this morning, Newstalk's correspondent Colm Parkinson remarked that the double weight class jump left McGregor too stretched in the end.

In Featherweight bouts, Conor normally lands shots that can subdue his opponents which Colm said was not the case against Nate Diaz.

''It's very interesting that the first shot from Nate Diaz left Conor McGregor completely rattled. Then he tried to bring it to the ground against a Jujitsu fighter and he just wasn't thinking. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. This is just a lesson learned.''

Parkinson went on to reflect on his conversation with McGregor's coach John Kavanagh at the weigh-in when he was informed that this was an unusually relaxing week for McGregor compared with the dramatic weight cuts he was previously exposed to.

''Maybe they thought this was too easy. Going up to 170Ib is going up nearly 20% of his body weight. It's just not done. This has deflated the Conor McGregor band wagon.''

The Off The Ball presenter also spoke about the Irish support which he said was down in numbers compared with those who traveled to Las Vegas for the Jose Aldo fight.

''People were saying that there weren't as many Irish over here which isn't a surprise since his last fight was only last December. I'm coming over here for free, I don't know how people can afford to come over for something that's going to be over in about six minutes.''

UFC 196 – McGregor versus Diaz on Off The Ball is all thanks to Four Star Pizza – always packing an honest punch...